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Will ‘The Lodge’ Return for Season 2 on Disney Channel?


Disney Channel 'The Lodge' Season 2 release date

“The Lodge” is a British musical-teen drama that kicked off on October 17, 2016 on Disney Channel and its debut has garnered approx. 0.80 million viewers. Undoubtedly, numerous devoted fans strive to figure out whether or not “The Lodge” will return for a second season on Disney Channel, and if this happens, when will its release date? There has been no official announcement of renewal till now. But you can scroll down, in order to sign up for our notifications, or get acquainted with our forecast on the subject.

There are few data regarding this series so far. So we’re forced to base our forecast relying mere on the television ratings of the teen series, and they seem to us pretty strong. The premiere episode of “The Lodge” has drawn 0.797 million viewers with a 0.13 demo rating among adults (18-49), whereas the subsequent episodes have gathered 0.73, 0.71, 0.74 and 0.77 million viewers, respectively. Apparently, Disney Channel is satisfied with these figures, and, therefore, we suppose that Disney is about to renew “The Lodge” for a next season.

Inspired by the Israeli series “North Star,” “The Lodge” focuses on the story of a 15-year-old Skye, who moves with her father to rural Northern Ireland, where they settle in a hotel titled “North Star,” that was built by Skye’s grandfather. Here, Skye attempts to adapt to her new way of life, as well as to get used to her new friends who live and work in the hotel. But her father is about to sell their family business. However, Skye doesn’t like this idea due to her emotional attachment to this place.

Renewal Potential and Notification of the Release Date

“The Lodge” Season 1 commenced Oct. 17 on Disney Channel garnering 0.797 million viewers and mostly favourable reviews by the target audience. Disney Channel has yet to announce the decision on renewal or cancellation of the teen drama series. But we have every reason to believe that “The Lodge” Season 2 would take place on Disney Channel, taking into account the statistics presented above. However, we would like to wait for the official announcement by Disney Channel. Fortunately, thanks to our notification system, we’re able to notify you about the further updates of the musical series, as well as about “The Lodge” Season 2 release date. Stay tuned. Don’t miss the premiere! Join our list of subscribers using the form below, and we’ll deliver a notification on the release date directly to your inbox.

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