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The 100 Season 3 Release Date


The 100 Season 3 Release Date

“The 100” — a post-apocalyptic sci-fi TV Series, premiered on The CW broadcast television network on March 19, 2014. The first season consisted of 13 fantastic episodes, however, on June 11, 2014, the last episode of the first season last aired. After three months of long wait, CW decided to renew “The 100” for a second season on October 22, 2014.

A brief description of previous episodes of “The 100”

“The 100” is a TV series, based on the book, written by Kass Morgan and published in 2013.

This is a television drama about the 100 of young prisoners, sent on the Earth, which is infected after the nuclear war, whereas the rest humanity lives on the so-called “Ark” in the space. The prisoners need to reach the Mount Weather — a Military Emergency Center, where they could find a shelter, however, their main mission is to inform the people on the “Ark” about the “New Earth’s” surface and atmosphere. That’s why each prisoner has a signal bangle on his arm.

The atmosphere of the Earth is suitable for life, nonetheless, the “New Earth” hides many dangers. Thus, the first season of “The 100” shows us how the young prisoners have managed to survive on the post apocalyptic Earth, how they met the rest humanity, who managed to survive after the disaster. Thus, end of the first season has been intriguing and unexpected.

The second season of “The 100” tells us the story about the survivors of the Mount Weather, who managed to preserve all the benefits of civilization in underground bunkers, except only fresh air and the ability to withstand radiation. However, the main characters of the TV series, who just gained a freedom, have become the prisoners again.

What awaits us in the third season of “The 100?” Will the main characters manage to change the situation? Is there any information about the renewal of “The 100” for the third season?

Release Date

There is a good news! — CW Television Network has decided to renew TV series for a third season. We follow the news to inform you about further updates. All that we know now for sure is that the continuation of “The 100” is scheduled on Fall 2015. Subscribe to our notification system. Stay abreast!

Renewal: CONFIRMED, Release Date: Fall, 2015, TBA
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