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Teen Wolf Season 5 Release Date


Teen Wolf Season 5 Release Date

“Teen Wolf” is a teenage mystical drama TV series, which is airing on MTV since June 2001. This TV series is based on the film of the same name, released by “Atlantic Releasing Corporation” yet in 1985.

The TV series received positive critical acclaims, winning 61/100 according to Metacritic website. A premiere has attracted up to 2,2 million viewers, thus it was decided to renew TV show for a second season one month after the premiere. The second season premiered on June 3, 2012. Later in July, MTV decided to renew “Teen Wolf” for a third season, which consisted of 24 episodes, with changing the place of filming to LA, CA. The third season premiered in 2013, and received even better ratings and critical acclaims, therefore it was decided to renew TV series for the fourth season in 2014.

Finally, on Comic-Con, held in 2014 in San Diego, it was officially stated that “Teen Wolf” will be renewed for a fifth season. It will be split into two parts, each of which will consist of 20 episodes.

Teen Wolf Brief Overview

Scott McCall is a 16-years-old teenager, who once found himself at night in a forest, where a mysterious beast, resembling a wolf, has attacked and bitten him. Soon, Scott begins to notice some changes inside himself, such as a high sensitive hearing, unusual physical power, an ability to fast regeneration and improving of reflexes. Now he has to learn how to control his unusual condition to be able to defend his friends and his beloved girl against an Alpha werewolf, who turned him into a beast.

Release Date

The fifth season of “Teen Wolf” is set to premiere on June 29, 2015. After the statement about the renewal of “Teen Wolf”, made in San Diego in 2014, TV series release date was officially confirmed.

Renewal: CONFIRMED, Release Date: June 29, 2015
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