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Shomin Sample: When Do We Expect Season 2?


Shomin Sample Season 2 Release Date

“Shomin Sample” (Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken) is a television adaptation of a Japanese series of light novels that debuted on October 7, 2015, on AT-X, and was subsequently broadcast on BS Fuji, Tokyo MX, and other Japanese television channels. The anime series was developed by the “Silver Link” studio, directed by Masato Jinbo, based on the original script written by Kento Shimoyama; music by Hiromi Mizutani. FUNimation has licensed the series in North America. The anime series is available for video streaming on FUNimation website, as well as on Animax in the United Kingdom and AnimeLab in Australia. “Shomin Sample” season 1 consists of twelve episodes.

“Shomin Sample” Anime TV Series Summary

The events take place in All-Girls School Seikain. The female pupils of the school have decided to preserve their innocence, and thus they are isolated from the outside world. However, such isolation may negatively affect the students in the future, and, therefore, they still need some contacts with an opposite sex to be aware of the men.

The storyline of the series revolves around the average student Kimito Kagurazaka who attends an ordinary high school. But, once, he was kidnapped by the strangers and delivered in Seikain. As turned out, he was kidnapped commissioned by the management of the school, in the hope that Kimito can positively affect on the female pupils and introduce them to the outer world. Moreover, he has been chosen based on the fact that Kimito considered as a gay, who thus can’t threaten to the girls’ chastity. Furthermore, Kimito has no choice, since if it turns that he is not gay, he might be castrated. As a result, Kimito found himself in a quite delicate situation, while the beautiful girls surround him, but he has to behave as a gay.

Notification of The Release Date (Season 2)

“Shomin Sample” season 1 kicked off on October 7, 2015, and it’s still ongoing. The ninth episode titled “Kagurazaka-sama Is Here” was broadcast on December 2, 2015. There are merely three episodes that remain before the end of the series. However, the “Silver Link” studio hasn’t yet announced their plans regarding renewal or cancellation of the anime series. Fortunately, thanks to our notification system, we’re able to notify you about the “Shomin Sample” season 2 release date. Don’t miss the premiere! Subscribe to our notifications.

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