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Saving Hope Season 4 Release Date


Saving Hope Season 4 Release Date

“Saving Hope” is a Canadian drama TV series, containing a supernatural context, that has simultaneously debuted on both CTV and NBC, on June 7, 2012.

The TV series received mixed reviews from critics due to show’s storyline, that refers to ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.” Some critics considered “Saving Hope” as an attempt to combine “Grey’s Anatomy” with something quite different, having a supernatural basis, similar to the story lines of “A Gifted Man” and “Ghost Whisperer.” The pilot episode of the show drew over 1.5 million viewers, whereas in the United States the series’ premiere attracted over 3 million viewers on NBC. The show was rated at 49/100, according to Metacritic. The second season of the show, consisting of eighteen episodes debuted on June 25, 2013, attracting over 1 million viewers. “Saving Hope” season 3, consisting of eighteen episodes, premiered on September 22, 2014. The premiere of season 4 is slated for this fall.

“Saving Hope” TV Series Brief Overview

The show’s protagonist is Charles “Charlie” Harris (Michael Shanks), a charismatic chief of surgery and orthopedic surgeon, who falls into a coma state due to tragical auto accident. His bride-to-be and colleague Alex Reid (Erica Durance), accompanied with an outstanding orthopedic surgeon Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies) are struggling for his life. Meanwhile, the spirit of Charlie wanders through the corridors of the hospital, trying to figure out who is he — a ghost, or perhaps a product of his own imagination.

Charlie feels himself very bad, trying to comprehend himself, he can’t admit that he is a ghost, thus, he still believes that it seems to him. Meantime, aside from him, Reid is struggling for hundreds of the hospital’s patients, facing with fateful decisions every day.

Season 4 Release Date

On July 2014, within the frameworks of the CTV official announcement, the channel unveiled “Saving Hope” season 4 release date, that is slated for September 24, 2015. Although the premiere of a fourth season is slated for this fall, thanks to our notification system, we may notify you about “Saving Hope” season 4. Don’t miss the premiere! Subscribe to our notifications.

Renewal: CONFIRMED, Release Date: September 24, 2015
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