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When To Expect ‘Kindred Spirits’ Season 2 on TLC?


TLC 'Kindred Spirits' Season 2 release date

“Kindred Spirits” kicked off its debut season on TLC, garnering over 0.70 million views and an average reaction of the target audience. Undoubtedly, numerous fans of the ghost hunting series are eager to know whether or not “Kindred Spirits” will return for a second season on TLC, and if this happens, when to expect its release date? There has been no official announcement of renewal till now. But you can subscribe for our automatic notifications, as well as get acquainted with the extending information on the series.

“Kindred Spirits” follows a couple of paranormal activity investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, whose mission is to help real families faced with supernatural phenomena in their homes to cope with their troubles caused by this fact. Scared by the mysterious happenings, but hesitant to pick up and leave their homes, these families have turned to two of America’s leading paranormal investigators to capture evidence, guide the spirits into the light and bring closure to family.

Renewal Potential and Notification of the Release Date (Season 2)

“Kindred Spirits” Season 1 commenced on Friday, October 21, 2016 at 10|9c on TLC, and its debut drew 0.711 million viewers with a 0.22 demo rating among adults (18-49). TLC hasn’t officially greenlit a second season of “Kindred Spirits.” But apparently the viewing figures of the reality television series are quite appropriate for TLC. Therefore, we tend to believe that “Kindred Spirits” Season 2 would take place. However, we would like to wait for the official announcement by TLC.

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