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‘Jordskott’ Season 2 Confirmed by SVT

'Jordskott' Season 2 release date -- Fall 2017; confirmed by SVT

“Jordskott” is a Swedish crime drama TV series that debuted on February 16, 2015, on the SVT television network. An English adaptation of the TV series premiered on June 10, 2015, on ITV Encore in the United Kingdom. The series follows a police inspector, who investigates the vanishing of a boy, while her own daughter has disappeared at the same place many years ago. Henrik Björn is the creator of the TV series.

The TV series has a score of 7.3 out of 10 on IMDB, based on over 1,400 user votes, 8 reviews from viewers, and 5 reviews from critics. In Sweden, the crime drama has received universal acclaim. The TV series has attracted an attention of over 1.5 million viewers during the first season. By the way, it’s about 15% of the whole population of Sweden. An English-speaking viewers found a pilot episode impressive, however, some viewers noted that the following episodes were less impressive.

“Jordskott” revolves around a police inspector Eva Thörnblad who’ve lost her daughter seven years ago. Based on the official conclusion, she is presumed drowned in a lake. However, a new investigation has forced Eva to return at the place, where her daughter died. A boy is missing, and the trail leads to the village of Silverhöjd. Eva intends to find out a possible similarity between the two cases. During the investigation, Eva discovers that two cases are indeed connected to each other, and the murders relate to the clash between two groups.

Season 2 Release Date

On Dec 20, 2017, STV published the official trailer for a second season of “Jordskott.” According to the announcement, “Jordskott” is coming back for a Season 2 in fall 2017.

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Renewal: CONFIRMED, Release Date: Fall 2017
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