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When ‘Homeland’ Will Return for Season 7 on Showtime?


Showtime: 'Homeland' Season 7 release date

“Homeland” has lost over 35% of the viewing audience, garnering just a bit over one million viewers during its sixth season premiere that was launched on Jan 15, 2017 on Showtime. Numerous fans are likely wondering whether or not we expect a next season of “Homeland” on Showtime? To the delight of millions of fans, Showtime has picked up “Homeland” for two more seasons. However, there has been no official announcement of a specific release date for a Season 7. But if you don’t want to miss the upcoming premiere, you may sign up for our automatic notifications right now, and we’ll keep you informed.

As expected, the sixth season of “Homeland” has received the universal acclaim among critics and viewers, justifying the forecasts of the series’ creators. Let’s take a look at some significant figures. An overall score of the espionage thriller still remains high. Currently, according to IMDb, “Homeland” has a score of 8.4/10 based on over 241,000 user votes. The sixth season of the crime drama series has an average score of 7.46/10 and 89% approval rating among critics, as well as a score of 4.1/5 and a 83% approval rating among the viewers, according to Rotten Tomatoes. At the same time, according to Metacritic, the current season of “Homeland” has a score of 70/100 among critics and 6.7/10 among the viewers.

The season premiere has garnered 1.075 million viewers (-35.36% compared to previous season premiere) with a 0.31 demo rating (-44.64%) among adults (18-49). All these figures indicate that “Homeland” will be remaining on Showtime within at least three additional seasons.

Season 6 of “Homeland” picks up Carrie heading up a non-profit organization in New York that fights with the discrimination of Muslim-American citizens. The sixth season takes place in the backdrop of the events covering the period between election day and inauguration. The TV series was developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, who also serve as executive producers.

Season 7 Release Date

“Homeland” Season 6 debuted on Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 9 PM ET/PT on Showtime, and its debut drew over one million viewers, as well as has been praised by critics and the target audience. Given the success of the previous five seasons, Showtime has confirmed the renewal of “Homeland” for three more seasons, up to Season 8. However, Showtime has yet to announce a specific release date for Season 7 (as well as for Season 8).

Fortunately, we’re able to inform you about the further updates of the psychological thriller crime drama series, as well as about the “Homeland” Season 7 (and Season 8) release date. Stay tuned for updates. Don’t miss the premiere! Join our list of subscribers using the form below, and we’ll deliver a notification on the release date directly to your inbox.

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