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Hand of God Season 2 Release Date


Hand of God Season 2 Release Date

“Hand of God” is an American psychological TV drama that premiered on September 4, 2015, on Amazon. The TV series follows the life of a corrupt judge, who believes that God guides him onto the path of arbitrariness. The show’s director is Marc Forster. Ben Watkins is a creator and scriptwriter of the TV series.

The TV series has received mixed or average reviews from critics, but generally favorable reviews from the audience. Thus, the show has a score of 43 out of 100 on Metacritic, while the audience rated the series at 7.5 out of 10, based on 11 reviews from viewers. On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season of the TV series has a 36% approval rating from critics, with an average score of 4 out of 10, whereas the audience rated the show at 3.9 out of 5, with a 78% approval rating. On IMDB, the TV series has a score of 7.9 out of 10, based on over 2,000 users’ votes, 19 reviews from viewers, and 2 reviews from critics.

“Hand of God” TV Series Brief Overview

The storyline of the TV series revolves around Pernell Harris (Ron Perlman), a corrupt judge, who thinks that the town is his property. He controls everything that happens in the town, participates in various frauds, illegal and risky deals and also scoffs at the town’s residents. This could go on forever, however, one day, Pernell’s son fell into a coma. Since that moment, Pernell’s common sense has completely changed. Now, he is thinking that he follows God, who directs him into the right direction and guides him onto the true path. Could it be possible? Or, probably has Pernell completely gone crazy?

Season 2 Release Date

UPDATE (December 18, 2015): On December 18, 2015, ‘Deadline’ has confirmed our assumptions concerning the renewal of the TV series. Just a few hours ago, Amazon reported their decision to renew “Hand of God” for a second season. “Hand of God” season 2 release date is slated for 2016. In spite of the average ratings, Amazon provided a chance for “Hand of God” to impress viewers in its second installment.  However, a content provider hasn’t yet announced an exact release date. But we track the news in order to notify you about the “Hand of God” season 2 release date. Subscribe to our notifications! Don’t miss the upcoming premiere!

The TV series has debuted a few days ago. Thus, Amazon hasn’t yet announced the plans in regard to renewal of the show for a second season. However, thanks to our notification system, we may notify you about the series’ possible renewal as well as about “Hand of God” season 2 release date. Don’t miss the premiere! Subscribe to our notifications.

Renewal: CONFIRMED, Release Date: 2016
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