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Will There Be ‘Drifters’ (Anime) Season 2?


'Drifters' (Anime) Season 2 release date; FUNimation, Crunchyroll

“Drifters” also known as “Dorifutazu” is a television adaptation of a sci-fi fantasy Japanese manga of the same name that began airing on October 7, 2016 on Tokyo MX, and was subsequently broadcast on GYT, GBS, MBC and other Japanese television stations. A 12-episode first season of the anime is created by the Hoods Drifters Studio studio, directed by Kenichi Suzuki, and is based on the original script written by Hideyuki Kurata jointly with Yōsuke Kuroda; music by Yasushi Ishii and Hayato Matsuo. In Japan, the anime is also available for streaming exclusively on the AbemaTV. In North America the anime has been licensed by FUNimation. In the United States, the anime series is available for video streaming via FUNimation and Crunchyroll. English version of the anime kicks off on November 6, 2016, at 10:00 PM ET, on FUNimation.

It’s worth noting that the anime has been praised by the target audience. Currently, according to MyAnimeList, “Drifters” has a score of 7.75 out of 10 based on about 5,600 user votes. At the same time, according to Crunchyroll, “Drifters” has a score of 4.9 stars out 5 based on 14 reviews and 15 user votes. Given such a brilliant reception, we believe that “Drifters” has pretty good odds to be renewed for a next season.

“Drifters” focuses on the story of Shimazu Toyohisa, who has been wounded during a battle, who afterwards found himself in a corridor of doors. Amidst the corridor, he encounters a mysterious man in glasses, who awaits him. The mysterious man sends Toyohisa into one of these doors, and, thereby, he found himself in a parallel world, inhabited by humans as well as fabulous creatures. Here, Toyohisa joins a squad titled “Drifters,” which consists of other brave warriors.

In this world, “Drifters” confronts another group of great warriors, known as the “Ends,” who intends to wipe out the human race as well as “Drifters,” by dint of various awful creatures, destroying everything on the way. “Drifters” Season 1 picks up when the Ends’ army has control of the northern part of the continent, and is about to conquer the south.

Renewal Potential and Notification of the Release Date

“Drifters” Season 1 commenced on October 7, 2016 and its debut has received universal acclaim among the viewers. The Hoods Drifters Studio has yet to announce the decision on renewal or cancellation of the anime series. But we have every reason to believe that “Drifters” Season 2 would take place, given such an excellent reception of the first season. However, we would like to wait for the official announcement. Fortunately, thanks to our notification system, we’re able to notify you about the further updates of the alternative history anime series, as well as about the “Drifters” Season 2 release date. Stay tuned. Don’t miss the premiere! Join our list of subscribers using the form below, and we’ll deliver a notification on the release date directly to your inbox.

English Version Release Date: November 6, 2016
Drifters Season 2 Release Date: TBA
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