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‘3%’ Gets Season 2 Renewal on Netflix


Netflix '3%' Season 2 release date; renewal confirmed by Netflix

Netflix launched a first season of the post-apocalyptic Brazilian thriller “3%” on Nov 25, 2016 and its debut has been praised by critics and viewers. Without a doubt, millions of loyal fans of the sci-fi series crave to find out whether or not “3%” will be returning for a second season on Netflix, and if this happens, when to expect its release date? On December 4, 2016, it was confirmed that “3%” has been renewed for a second season on Netflix. You can sign up for our automatic notifications if you don’t want to miss the upcoming premiere.

Set in the foreseeable future, in Brazil, “3%” depicts the world, where people are split into two completely different groups. Only 3% of them have a chance to live in a privileged society, whereas the rest of the population is forced to live in the conditions of devastation. Those who want to join the jet set have to pass trough the intense and competitive process. The TV series is created by Pedro Aguilera and executive produced by César Charlone (who also serves as a director of the series) and Tiago Mello.

Notification of the Release Date (Season 2)

“3%” Season 1 kicked off on November 25, 2016 and its debut has received a brilliant reception by critics and the target audience. Currently, according to IMDB, “3%” has a score of 7.9 out of 10 based on approx. 1,250 user votes, 4 reviews from viewers and 1 review from critics. Given a pretty favorable reception of the debut season, Netflix has picked up “3%” for a second season. However, Netflix has yet to announce a specific release date for a next season of “3%.”

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Renewal: CONFIRMED, Release Date: TBA
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