Will There Be A Season 8 Of Letterkenny on CraveTV?

December 15, 2018



Letterkenny Next Season Release Date: TBA
The series centers on two pals, Wayne and Daryl, who live in a small town farm. They aspire to protect their rural world against the imminent urbanization. All the town folks could be split into three groups, punks, hockey players, and simple workers. All these groups are usually in the state of confrontation. Frequently, these collisions lead to the ridiculous situations and even fighting.

Wayne's way of life is quite simple. He used to spend weekdays working on the farm in the daytime. In the evening he prefers to drink a pint of beer at a local bar watching hockey on TV. Wayne and his pal Daryl don't want what they really want. Their classmates create families, leave the small town to try their fortune in the big cities. But the protagonists don't want to change their carefree lives. They don't care about the passing years. They don't ready for serious relationship and responsibility. As a result, they're happy. But the years are passing by.

CraveTV is yet to decide will Letterkenny be renewed for a next season or canceled. Stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed on the subject!


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Letterkenny List of Episodes

Letterkenny Season 7+

#TitleRelease Date
07x06In It To Win ItOctober 11, 2019
07x05W's Talk BabyOctober 11, 2019
07x04Letterkenny vs PennyOctober 11, 2019
07x03NutOctober 11, 2019
07x02Red Card Yellow CardOctober 11, 2019
07x01Crack N AgOctober 11, 2019

Letterkenny Season 6+

#TitleRelease Date
06x06Yew!December 25, 2018
06x05Different Strokes For Different FolksDecember 25, 2018
06x04Dyck's Slip OutDecember 25, 2018
06x03The CityDecember 25, 2018
06x02Bush Party SeasonDecember 25, 2018
06x01What Could Be So Urgent?December 25, 2018

Letterkenny Season 5+

#TitleRelease Date
05x06Bock et BicheJune 29, 2018
05x05Back to Back to BackJune 29, 2018
05x04Letterkenny Spelling BeeJune 29, 2018
05x03Hard Right JayJune 29, 2018
05x02The Ol' College TryJune 29, 2018
05x01We Don't Fight at WeddingsJune 29, 2018

Letterkenny Season 4+

#TitleRelease Date
04x06Great Day for Thunder BayDecember 25, 2017
04x05The Letterkenny LeaveDecember 25, 2017
04x04Letterkenny Talent ShowDecember 25, 2017
04x03Way to a Man's HeartDecember 25, 2017
04x02A Fuss at the Golf CourseDecember 25, 2017
04x01Never Work a Day in Your LifeDecember 25, 2017

Letterkenny Season 3+

#TitleRelease Date
03x06Bradley is a KillerJuly 1, 2017
03x05The Battle for Bonnie McMurrayJuly 1, 2017
03x04Les HiquesJuly 1, 2017
03x03MoDeans 2July 1, 2017
03x02Puck BunnyJuly 1, 2017
03x01Sled ShackJuly 1, 2017

Letterkenny Season 2+

#TitleRelease Date
02x06Finding Stormy a StudDecember 25, 2016
02x05Uncle Eddie's TrustDecember 25, 2016
02x04The Native FluDecember 25, 2016
02x03RelationshipsDecember 25, 2016
02x02The ElectionDecember 25, 2016
02x01A Fuss at the Ag HallDecember 25, 2016

Letterkenny Season 1+

#TitleRelease Date
01x06A Fuss in the Back BushFebruary 7, 2016
01x05RaveFebruary 7, 2016
01x04Wing Man WayneFebruary 7, 2016
01x03FartbookFebruary 7, 2016
01x02Daryl's Super Soft BirthdayFebruary 7, 2016
01x01Ain't No Reason to Get ExcitedFebruary 7, 2016