The OA Gets Season 3 Renewal on Netflix

December 15, 2018



The OA
The OA Next Season Release Date: TBA
The OA focuses on the exciting but sinister story of Prairie Johnson who appears on the streets of her hometown after she presumed missing or even dead. The miracle is that she can see. But previously, she was completely blind. Noone can force Prairie to reveal her story even her adopted parents. She refuses to describe the events of the past years even to an FBI. However, she can see, and this is strange. This fact means that something bizarre happened to her. But why she doesn't want to tell the truth? In fact, there is a reason why.

Nonetheless, she assembles a small group of high school students to whom she apparently may trust. First of all, she explains that she was born in Russia, and her birth father was an oligarch. But even her father's high position didn't allow him to protect his daughter against the disaster. As a result of the tragical accident, she has lost her eye vision. But she experienced a near-death experience. Afterward, her father gets in trouble. Therefore, he is forced to send his daughter in the United States, to protect her. Here Prairie is adopted by an elderly couple.

They gave her a shelter, care, and love. When Prairie grew up, she is full of determination to track down her biological father. She escapes home, to do that. But her attempt concludes without a result. However, a seemingly sincere man named Hap found her playing the violin on the street and offered her help. He promised that he could show her the place where all the people around are similar to her. But his real mission was verily terrifying.

The Unexpected Turn

From now on, this story obtains an unexpected turn. As turns out, Hap is a stereotypical mad scientist who undertakes crazy experiments in his underground laboratory where he keeps imprisoned, three young people, Homer, Scott, and Rachel. Prairie becomes the fourth lab rat. But what is truly shocking is what these experiments are. He is eager to figure out what happens to people after they die. And his methods were especially surprising. Hap brought his lab rats to a state close to death while tracking down the activity of the devices.

Of course, the guys dreamed to get rid of Hap and get out from the cell. But this was impossible. However, Prairie managed to invent the method. As her experience was maximally full, she was able to contact some mysterious entity (in the form of a woman), who hinted Prairie that she is an angel. Using conjoint forces, they will be able to get out from the imprisonment. Prairie's cellmates didn't believe her. But she eventually was managed to escape. Now her mission is to release the rest of prisoners assembling a new team of angels, who will be able to help her friends.

What Do We Expect In Season 2?

As we remember, the season finale was quite controversial. Was this story Prairie's fiction, or she truly was on the other side is unclear. But we believe she was. Most likely the second season will contain Prairie's experience after death. Of course, she will manage to reunite with Homer. However, we don't know will they meet in paradise or our mortal world. You likely have seen a teaser of Season 2 of The OA. But everything is foggy and unclear alike. Prairie calls: "Homer?" There is just white fog, black water, and the Golden Gate Bridge as a background. Given the fact that we're hearing someone's breathing, Homer is alive or barely alive. When we deal with life and death alike, we don't know for sure what the show's creators have meant releasing this teaser.

The OA has been renewed for a next season on Netflix. We are waiting for the confirmation of a specific release date. Stay tuned for updates.

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02x08Chapter 8: OverviewMarch 22, 2019
02x07Chapter 7: Nina AzarovaMarch 22, 2019
02x06Chapter 6: Mirror MirrorMarch 22, 2019
02x05Chapter 5: The Medium & the EngineerMarch 22, 2019
02x04Chapter 4: SYZYGYMarch 22, 2019
02x03Chapter 3: Magic MirrorMarch 22, 2019
02x02Chapter 2: Treasure IslandMarch 22, 2019
02x01Chapter 1: Angel of DeathMarch 22, 2019

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01x08Chapter 8: Invisible SelfDecember 16, 2016
01x07Chapter 7: Empire of LightDecember 16, 2016
01x06Chapter 6: Forking PathsDecember 16, 2016
01x05Chapter 5: ParadiseDecember 16, 2016
01x04Chapter 4: AwayDecember 16, 2016
01x03Chapter 3: ChampionDecember 16, 2016
01x02Chapter 2: New ColossusDecember 16, 2016
01x01Chapter 1: HomecomingDecember 16, 2016