Marvel's Daredevil Is Canceled And Season 4 Won't Happen on Netflix

December 15, 2018



Marvel's Daredevil
Marvel's Daredevil Next Season Release Date: TBA
Marvel's Daredevil is a crime drama web series that is broadcast on Netflix. The series follows Matt Murdock, a lawyer who has become blind as a result of an accident that happened to him in childhood. However, his other senses have become even stronger. A blind old man could get under the wheels of a truck. But Matt managed to rescue him. However, the truck transferred a radioactive liquid, that got into Matt's eyes.

Despite the fact that his eyes didn't allow Matt to see the surrounding world, he decided to devote his life justice. He passed through numerous workouts of martial arts to strengthen his body. Aside from this, he has managed to become a brilliant lawyer. During the daytime, he is a prestigious lawyer, Matt Murdock, while by night, he is better known as Daredevil, a superhero who fights crime on the streets of New York. Matt created a costume using his father's boxing uniform. He is also known as the "Man Without Fear."

Marvel's Daredevil is being canceled on Netflix and thereby will not return for a next season. Unfortunately, this is the official data.

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Marvel's Daredevil List of Episodes

Marvel's Daredevil Season 3+

#TitleRelease Date
03x13A New NapkinOctober 19, 2018
03x12One Last ShotOctober 19, 2018
03x11ReunionOctober 19, 2018
03x10KarenOctober 19, 2018
03x09RevelationsOctober 19, 2018
03x08Upstairs/DownstairsOctober 19, 2018
03x07AftermathOctober 19, 2018
03x06The Devil You KnowOctober 19, 2018
03x05The Perfect GameOctober 19, 2018
03x04BlindsidedOctober 19, 2018
03x03No Good DeedOctober 19, 2018
03x02PleaseOctober 19, 2018
03x01ResurrectionOctober 19, 2018

Marvel's Daredevil Season 2+

#TitleRelease Date
02x13A Cold Day in Hell's KitchenMarch 18, 2016
02x12The Dark at the End of the TunnelMarch 18, 2016
02x11.380March 18, 2016
02x10The Man in the BoxMarch 18, 2016
02x09Seven Minutes in HeavenMarch 18, 2016
02x08Guilty as SinMarch 18, 2016
02x07Semper FidelisMarch 18, 2016
02x06Regrets OnlyMarch 18, 2016
02x05KinbakuMarch 18, 2016
02x04Penny and DimeMarch 18, 2016
02x03New York's FinestMarch 18, 2016
02x02Dogs to a GunfightMarch 18, 2016
02x01BangMarch 18, 2016

Marvel's Daredevil Season 1+

#TitleRelease Date
01x13DaredevilApril 10, 2015
01x12The Ones We Leave BehindApril 10, 2015
01x11The Path of the RighteousApril 10, 2015
01x10Nelson v. MurdockApril 10, 2015
01x09Speak of the DevilApril 10, 2015
01x08Shadows in the GlassApril 10, 2015
01x07StickApril 10, 2015
01x06CondemnedApril 10, 2015
01x05World on FireApril 10, 2015
01x04In the BloodApril 10, 2015
01x03Rabbit in a SnowstormApril 10, 2015
01x02Cut ManApril 10, 2015
01x01Into the RingApril 10, 2015