Rick and Morty Gets Season 5 Renewal on Adult Swim

December 15, 2018


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Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty Next Season Release Date: TBA
Rick and Morty is an adult animated sci-fi comedy series that is broadcast on Adult Swim. The sitcom follows the exciting adventures of a crazy scientist and his grandson. Rick Sanchez suddenly reappears at his daughter's doorstep after two decades of absence. But her husband doesn't happy with the family reunion. He is worried about the bizarre experiments that Rick conducts in the garage.

Rick looks completely crazy. But his works look even dangerous. This sociopathic scientist uses numerous top-notch gadgets to conduct his mad experiments. Furthermore, Rick spends a lot of time with his grandson, Morty, taking him on a journey through numerous dangerous and surreal adventures. Given the increasing tension within the family, this "friendship" between the grandfather and grandson cause troubles. But nobody knows how exciting might be their common adventures across the universe.

Rick and Morty has been renewed for a next season on Adult Swim. We are waiting for the confirmation of a specific release date. Stay tuned for updates.

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Rick and Morty List of Episodes

Rick and Morty Season 4+

#TitleRelease Date
04x05Rattlestar RicklacticaDecember 15, 2019
04x04Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's MortyDecember 8, 2019
04x03One Crew Over the Crewcoo's MortyNovember 24, 2019
04x02The Old Man and the SeatNovember 17, 2019
04x01Edge of Tomorty: Rick, Die, RickpeatNovember 10, 2019

Rick and Morty Season 3+

#TitleRelease Date
03x10The Rickchurian MortydateOctober 1, 2017
03x09The ABC's of BethSeptember 24, 2017
03x08Morty's Mind BlowersSeptember 17, 2017
03x07The Ricklantis MixupSeptember 10, 2017
03x06Rest and RicklaxationAugust 27, 2017
03x05The Whirly Dirly ConspiracyAugust 20, 2017
03x04Vindicators 3: The Return of WorldenderAugust 13, 2017
03x03Pickle RickAugust 6, 2017
03x02Rickmancing the StoneJuly 30, 2017
03x01The Rickshank RickdemptionApril 1, 2017

Rick and Morty Season 2+

#TitleRelease Date
02x10The Wedding SquanchersOctober 4, 2015
02x09Look Who's Purging NowSeptember 27, 2015
02x08Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting FateSeptember 20, 2015
02x07Big Trouble in Little SanchezSeptember 13, 2015
02x06The Ricks Must Be CrazyAugust 30, 2015
02x05Get SchwiftyAugust 23, 2015
02x04Total RickallAugust 16, 2015
02x03Auto Erotic AssimilationAugust 9, 2015
02x02Mortynight RunAugust 2, 2015
02x01A Rickle in TimeJuly 26, 2015

Rick and Morty Season 1+

#TitleRelease Date
01x11Ricksy BusinessApril 14, 2014
01x10Close Rick-Counters of the Rick KindApril 7, 2014
01x09Something Ricked This Way ComesMarch 24, 2014
01x08Rixty MinutesMarch 17, 2014
01x07Raising GazorpazorpMarch 10, 2014
01x06Rick Potion #9January 27, 2014
01x05Meeseeks and DestroyJanuary 20, 2014
01x04M. Night Shaym-Aliens!January 13, 2014
01x03Anatomy ParkDecember 16, 2013
01x02Lawnmower DogDecember 9, 2013
01x01PilotDecember 2, 2013