Genius Gets Season 3 Renewal on National Geographic Channel

December 15, 2018


National Geographic Channel

Genius Next Season Release Date: TBA
Genius is a docudrama anthology television series, which airs on National Geographic. The anthology series is devoted to the brightest minds of our planet. Season 1 of the series focuses on the life of the perhaps most prominent and distinguished scientist of all time, Albert Einstein. Being unknown to anyone and without a rich pedigree, this gifted German-born theoretical physicist managed to make the vital discovery that turned our paradigm about a physical world upside down.

Despite his humble origins, this young and ambitious scientist didn't afraid to express his rebellious looks at the world and science in general. Einstein was forced to pass through the sequence of mocking and troubles before he revealed his revolutionary theory to the academic circles and later to the entire world. The series also raises questions about Albert's personal life, including the relationship with his two separate women and children. The first season of the series is based on the book "Einstein," written by Walter Isaacson.

Genius has been renewed for a next season on National Geographic Channel. We are waiting for the confirmation of a specific release date. Stay tuned for updates.

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Genius List of Episodes

Genius Season 2+

#TitleRelease Date
02x10Picasso: Chapter TenJune 18, 2018
02x09Picasso: Chapter NineJune 11, 2018
02x08Picasso: Chapter EightJune 4, 2018
02x07Picasso: Chapter SevenMay 28, 2018
02x06Picasso: Chapter SixMay 21, 2018
02x05Picasso: Chapter FiveMay 14, 2018
02x04Picasso: Chapter FourMay 7, 2018
02x03Picasso: Chapter ThreeApril 30, 2018
02x02Picasso: Chapter TwoApril 23, 2018
02x01Picasso: Chapter OneApril 23, 2018

Genius Season 1+

#TitleRelease Date
01x10Einstein: Chapter TenJune 25, 2017
01x09Einstein: Chapter NineJune 18, 2017
01x08Einstein: Chapter EightJune 11, 2017
01x07Einstein: Chapter SevenJune 4, 2017
01x06Einstein: Chapter SixMay 28, 2017
01x05Einstein: Chapter FiveMay 21, 2017
01x04Einstein: Chapter FourMay 14, 2017
01x03Einstein: Chapter ThreeMay 7, 2017
01x02Einstein: Chapter TwoApril 30, 2017
01x01Einstein: Chapter OneApril 23, 2017