God Eater Is Canceled And Season 2 Won't Happen on Tokyo MX

December 15, 2018


Tokyo MX

God Eater
God Eater Next Season Release Date: TBA
God Eater is a television adaptation of the eponymous video game that was launched on Tokyo MX and other Japanese networks in 2015. The anime is created by the Ufotable studio and directed by Takayuki Hirao. Aniplex of America has licensed the anime series in North America. The anime is available for online video streaming through Crunchyroll and other websites.

The anime series has a very high rating of 7.54/10 (over 92,000 user votes) on MyAnimeList. On Crunchyroll, the sci-fi series has a score of 4.0 stars out of 5 based on 145 votes.


In the near future, the man-eating monsters, known as "Aragami" almost wiped out the entire population of Earth. They were able to resist to the ordinary weapons and thus they were almost immortal. Fortunately, mankind managed to find the cure of this plague. People made a special weapon from Aragami cells, "God Arcs." Fenrir is a last hope of humanity. This organization consists of people infused with Aragami cells, known as "God Eaters," the only warriors able to protect humans against Aragami.

The main story focuses on Lenka Utsugi, a God Eater who possesses a latest modernized God Arc, thanks to which, he is able to switch the weapon between blade and gun. That's why Lenka is one of the most important warriors of Fenrir. He aspires to perfect his skills in order to wipe out all Aragami forever. In between, Aragami are continuing to emerge en masse and threatening mankind. Therefore, the God Eaters are the only obstacle on their way to destroy entire mankind.

God Eater is being canceled on Tokyo MX and thereby will not return for a next season. Unfortunately, this is the official data.

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God Eater List of Episodes

God Eater Season 1+

#TitleRelease Date
01x13LotusMarch 26, 2016
01x12United They StandMarch 19, 2016
01x11Operation MeteoriteMarch 12, 2016
01x10Scattered PetalsMarch 5, 2016
01x09Soma SchicksalSeptember 27, 2015
01x08Sakuya TachibanaSeptember 20, 2015
01x07A Flower in BloomSeptember 6, 2015
01x06Stay TrueAugust 30, 2015
01x05An Eye for an Eye / All in VainAugust 16, 2015
01x04AEGISAugust 9, 2015
01x03Alisa Ilinichina AmiellaJuly 26, 2015
01x02Lindow AmamiyaJuly 19, 2015
01x01Lenka UtsugiJuly 12, 2015