Will There Be A Season 2 Of ReLIFE on Crunchyroll?

December 15, 2018



ReLIFE Next Season Release Date: TBA
ReLIFE is an anime adaptation of the eponymous sci-fi manga that kicked off in 2016 on Tokyo MX. The anime was developed by the TMS Entertainment and licensed by FUNimation in North America. A first season of the series came to an end on September 24, 2016. The anime series is available for online video streaming through Crunchyroll and other websites.

Noteworthy that the sci-fi series was well received by the viewers. ReLIFE has a rating of 8.20/10 based on over 141,600 user votes on MyAnimeList. The viewers of Crunchyroll have rated the anime at 4.8/5 based on 265 votes.


Many people dream to restart their life or become younger. Arata Kaizaki jumps from one job to another after he has become unemployed. He is a 27-year-old guy who must be happy to grab onto any job opportunity. Therefore, he feels himself a hopeless loser. But one day Arata encounters Ryou Yoake who makes him a tempting offer. Ryou is a fellow of the ReLife Research Institute. He offers Arata to participate in a scientific experiment, hereupon Arata might get a perspective job. Arata just need to swallow an experimental pill. As a result, Arata wakes up as a 17-year-old boy.

Arata shortly discovers that he joined an incredible experiment. Now he should attend high school as an ordinary student within a year. Arata considers this test as an easy job. However, soon he realizes that he isn't ready to the school life. Despite the fact that he is an adult in his mind, he still turns inexperienced student. Besides, Arata has to keep up with the new school policies that have cropped up in the last 10 years. On the other hand, Arata has got an opportunity he always dreamt about. Now he has a chance to improve the errors of his past.

Crunchyroll is yet to decide will ReLIFE be renewed for a next season or canceled. Stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed on the subject!

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ReLIFE List of Episodes

ReLIFE Season 1+

#TitleRelease Date
01x13ConfessionJuly 1, 2016
01x12Double PanicJuly 1, 2016
01x11A Trip to the PastJuly 1, 2016
01x10Everyone's Selfish DesiresJuly 1, 2016
01x09RevengeJuly 1, 2016
01x08RiftJuly 1, 2016
01x07Test Subject 001 -> 002July 1, 2016
01x06This Isn't the First TimeJuly 1, 2016
01x05OverlapJuly 1, 2016
01x04FallJuly 1, 2016
01x03You're Old NowJuly 1, 2016
01x02Communication Skills: ZeroJuly 1, 2016
01x01Kaizaki Arata (27), UnemployedJuly 1, 2016