Release Date Info is your source in TV. If you want to figure out whether your favorite television series is renewed, canceled, or scheduled, Release Date is the best place for such a kind of data.

As a rule, you don't want to read a lot of useless data about your favorite show on TV. All you need to know is what should happen to your favorite protagonists in the next installment of the show. In such a case, your primary goal is to figure out is a network going to pick up the show for another season.

However, if you have already learned that your favorite television series is renewed, you are going to figure out what is a specific release date for the next season.

The key idea of the project is to allow you to know the actual status of the show, which you follow on TV. Previously, we had a notification system, which made it easy to track down the show's status, as well as its release date. Yet because of the Google algorithm change happened in December 2016, Release Date has lost all the position in the Google organic results.

As a result, the working on Release Date is currently on hiatus. Nonetheless, if you still want to know the actual data about your favorite show, you could visit our sister sites: TVDate (this site is more for those who like to read the news), RDV5 (this is what exactly you need), and TVGist.