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Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth Release Date


Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth Release Date

“Prometheus 2” — is no doubt the most expected upcoming thriller. Actually, it is more than just a thriller, it is a sci-fi movie, first of all, a horror in some degree, thanks to Ridley Scott and a big fantasy of an author and screenwriter.

“Prometheus” filmed in 2012 and premiered on June 1, 2012 in the UK. It was initially conceived as a prequel to the Ridley Scott’s well known classic film series “Alien,” however, according to our opinion became an icon of the sci-fi horrors.

Thanks to a brilliant screenwriter Damon Lindelof, known to us thanks to “Lost” TV series, “Prometheus” has turned into a breathtaking sci-fi adventure with unexpected end, distributed by 20th Century Fox, which grossed over $400 million worldwide. However, worth noting that “Prometheus'” budget was almost $130 million.

Obviously, that the authors decided to film a sequel of “Prometheus,” and fortunately we’ll see “Prometheus 2” March 4, 2016, however, unfortunately we have to wait so long. Thus, let us remember the storyline of “Prometheus” and try to predict a storyline of an upcoming sequel.

Prometheus movie brief overview

The first scene shows us an unknown humanoid, standing at the edge of the waterfall on the deserted planet. He drinks an unknown liquid and begins to dissolve, separated on the molecules up to the DNA, ritually sacrificing himself, giving a new life for his planet.

In the foreseeable future, the group of archeologists finds cave paintings, showing our ancestors, who worshiped giants, who directed them to the stars, that date back to 35 thousand years.

Later, in 2093, a starship entitled “Prometheus” was launched into the space, where an android named David oversees a team during two years. After a two year flight, they have landed on the moon of LV-223 — a planet in a planetary system Reticulum. On the moon, a team finds an ancient artificial building, where they found the remains of technical equipment and humanoids. David activates a hologram, where they see the giant humanoids, who trying to escape some undefined danger.

Later they found a headless alien and brought him into a starship, where they found out that he died 2000 years before. The remaining members of the team found a room with cylindrical objects, that extract a fluid of an organic origin. Soon they understood, that the black liquid was probably a biological weapon, which has been developed to destroy the Earth.

After unsuccessful contact with a humanoid, who was discovered inside the artificial construction, only one member of an expedition stays alive. Instead of returning to the Earth, she decided to travel to the planet of humanoid to learn why they’ve tried to destroy the Earth.

Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth

The working name of the sequel is “Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth.” Surprisingly, isn’t it? You’re probably thinking, that Charlize Theron will go to an unknown universe to discover a planet of our ancestors. The answer is actually NO, due to a new title of the film. According to the rumors, the action will be set on Earth, thus Ridley has managed to intrigue the whole fan community. We trace the news to inform you about any new leaks in regards to an upcoming storyline of “Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth.”

Release Date

The only thing we know for sure, is the premiere date of “Prometheus 2.” Release date is scheduled on March 2016 worldwide and on March 4, 2016 in the USA, in particular. Thus we expect a great event next year spring.

Release Date: March 4, 2016 (USA)
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