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Mad Max: Fury Road Release Date


Mad Max: Fury Road Release-Date

“Mad Max” is an Australian motion picture first released in 1979. Since that moment, many movies have been made under Mad Max franchise. Each fan can remember the sequels “Mad Max 2” and “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” released in 1981 and 1985 respectively.

whether the sequel of Mad Max in in the foreseeable future? Will Mel Gibson to star in the sequel of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” announced in 2015? What is the release date of “Mad Max: Fury Road?”

“Mad Max: Fury Road” release date is confirmed. Release date of the “Mad Max” sequel timed to coincide with 2015 Cannes Film Festival, which to be held from 13 to 24 May 2015. Thus, the audience of 68th Cannes Film Festival will see “Mad Max: Fury Road” 14 May 2015, whereas the theatrical release scheduled for 15 May 2015.

Mad Max prequel

The story, written by Miller and Kennedy tells about the futuristic new Australia, where, after the energy crisis, remains nothing but only sand in the desert, the dilapidated cities and motorcycle gangs, wander the roads and rob the population.

Mad Max: Fury Road

“Mad Max: Fury Road” will be the first sequel of Mad Max without a participation of Mel Gibson in the main role, where Tom Hardy announced instead him. The Mad Max’s Team trying to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. They also trying to preserve Furiosa — a woman, who asked Max to transfer her through the desert. Charlize Theron playing the role of Furiosa.

Incredible special effects, exciting plot, new heroes and fantastic action, a new vision for an old story, this spring.

Release Date: May 15, 2015 — RELEASED

“Mad Max: Fury Road” Official Trailer

“Mad Max: Fury Road” official site: “Mad Max: Fury Road” official site

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