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James Bond — “Spectre” Release Date


007 Spectre Release Date

“007” — is a British film series about MI6 agent James Bond, with code name “007,” based on the series of bestsellers, written by Ian Fleming (a former Naval Intelligence Officer).

The first film about James Bond, called “Dr.No,” was shown in 1962. Since the first premiere, a series of films about James Bond became the longest in history. All the films about Bond were produced by Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman and were distributed exclusively by “United Artists” until 1995. Subsequently, this right was inherited by MGM in the period between 1997-2002.

Finally, in 2006, Columbia Pictures together with MGM has released “Casino Royale” with Daniel Craig in the title role.

Since the successful premiere of “Dr.No,” which took place in 1962, twenty three sequels were released later. Daniel Craig, who took a part as a main character in the last movies about James Bond, has been admitted by critics as pretty similar to the original hero, described by Ian Fleming in his series of books.

Latest film about James Bond “Skyfall,” released in 2012 has gained $1,1 billion box office. The next film, called “SPECTRE” has been announced in March 13, 2015. Thus, the 24th premiere of Bond entitled “SPECTRE” movie is scheduled for 6 November 2015.

Storyline of “007: Spectre”

Mysterious structure called “Spectre” controls all shady business around the world. The word “Spectre” figured in many previous series about James Bond, fortunately, we’ll learn more about this organization in upcoming movie about 007.

UPDATE: Now we know a little bit more about further storyline. According to the official data, published on 007’s official site, a new storyline will take place at the several locations, such as: London, Rome, Mexico, Morocco.  James will have to return to the Austria (Sölden). Story line will evolves also on the Lake Altaussee and in the district of Lienz, called Obertilliach.

Another good news, that we’ll see a brand new Aston Martin DB10, that has been designed especially for the movie.

Now Bond can’t trust anyone, new “M” appears in MI6, strange messages from the past do not give him no rest. He has to back in his past to figure out whom he can trust. Now he knows, that a mysterious organization, called “SPECTRE” have their agents everywhere, including MI6, that’s why he needs to follow the trail of “SPECTRE,” while the newly-appointed “M” is trying to deal with political pressures, that endangering the further existence of his structure.

Release Date: November 6, 2015
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