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Insidious: chapter 3 release date


Insidious: chapter 3 Release Date

“Insidious” is a horror film series first released on April 1, 2011. The first movie of “Insidious” film series tells a story about a young boy, who being in an inexplicable coma becomes a “conductor” for the ghosts and evil spirits, inhabiting in the Astral world, that trying to reborn in his body, in order to materialize in our world.

It happened with a boy named Dalton, when he moved into a new home along with his parents Josh and Renai Lambert, played by Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, respectively. Shortly after moving, a boy observes a supernatural activity in the attic of his new home in the form of unusual phenomena, terrible sounds and strange movements.

A subsequent sequel called Insidious: chapter 2 has been released on September 13, 2013 and became much more popular than its predecessor, grossing over $161 million worldwide, in spite of a symbolic budget of $5 million. The sequel continued the story of the Lambert family.

Will there be a continuation of Insidious? When does insidious chapter 3 come out in theaters? Which is “Insidious: chapter 3” release date?

Fortunately, the sequel of Insidious is confirmed. Insidious: chapter 3 release date is scheduled to be released on June 5, 2015.

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What should we know about “Insidious: chapter 3?”

Insidious: chapter 3 will be a prequel to previous 2 film series about the unusual boy of the Lambert family. Insidious: chapter 3 will be directed by Leigh Whannell — an Australian screenwriter, producer, director and actor. He is known thanks to his scenarios, written for such famous horrors as “Saw” and Dead Silence, directed by his friend James Wan. Leigh will be a director as well as a screenwriter of the third part of Insidious film series.

The plot of “Insidious: chapter 3” will describe a new story about the Lambert couple, when they referred to psychic Elise Rainier in order to use her supernatural power to help a teenage girl, possessed by the evil spirits.

Do you know any additional information concerning any changes in “Insidious: chapter 3” release date? Can you predict a further plot of your favorite movie? — Leave your comment!

Insidious: chapter 3 official trailer

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