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Should We Expect MTV’s ‘Catfish’ Season 6?

Should We Expect MTV's 'Catfish' Season 6?


A fifth season of the documentary TV show “Catfish” debuted on February 24, 2016, on MTV. The TV show is about online dating, and its authors are helping people to reveal the true identity of their online partners, using actually quite simple methods. The reality show is created by Yaniv “Nev” Schulman and Max Joseph, who also serve as executive producers, and both are starring in the series.

A reality-based docu-series has received a mixed reception by critics and viewers. According to Metacritic, the reality show has a score of 57 out of 100 based on 8 reviews from critics, whereas the audience rated the docu-series at 5.8 out of 10 based on 24 user ratings. Meanwhile, according to IMDB, the reality-TV show has a score of 7.2 out of 10 based on over 4,400 user votes, 7 reviews from viewers, and 10 reviews from critics. A premiere of the fifth season drew 0.4 million viewers.

“Catfish” TV Show Summary

Nowadays, the Internet has become an integral part of life. According to numerous surveys, the majority of young people make their first attempts to find true love via online dating. Meanwhile, such type of dating hides many pitfalls. In their desire to find love, sex, or romance, youth can get many troubles, starting with a simple disappointment, finishing with online addiction, psychological complexes, etc. Nev and Max are collecting various requests of their viewers, to prove whether their online opponent a true identity or not. Frequently, online dating is hiding a fraud on the opposite side. Thus, the guys are helping to their supplicant to find out the truth about their online opponents. Sometimes, their investigation helps people to find true love (as they claim), but, basically, the investigation finishes with revelation.

Chances for Renewal and Notification of the Release Date

“Catfish” Season 5 kicked off on February 24, 2016 at 10/9c, on MTV, and its debut drew 0.4 million viewers. At the moment, MTV hasn’t yet announced their plans in regard to the renewal or cancellation of their reality docu-series. Generally speaking, the debut of Season 5 was not impressive. The show’s viewership has decreased threefold. However, we tend to believe that MTV intends to give another chance to the series, and thus “Catfish” Season 6 would take place. But, most likely, it will be the last season of the series. Nevertheless, we’d prefer to wait for the official confirmation. Fortunately, thanks to our notification system, we’re able to notify you about the renewal or cancellation of the TV show, as well as about the “Catfish” Season 6 release date. Don’t miss the premiere! Subscribe to our notifications using the form below, and we’ll keep you informed.

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