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‘Maigret’ Series 2 Confirmed on ITV!

'Maigret' Series 2 release date; renewal confirmed

A first series of a British crime drama “Maigret” kicked off 28 March 2016, and its debut has garnered 7.17 million viewers. Meanwhile, numerous fans of the drama series are eager to know, should we expect “Maigret” […]

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Doc Martin Season 8 Release Date

'Doc Martin' Season 8 Release Date

“Doc Martin” is a medical dramedy TV series that debuted on September 2, 2004, on ITV. The series depicts the story of a brilliant surgeon, who moves to a sleepy fishing village in order to restart his […]

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Endeavour Season 4 Release Date

When We Expect Endeavour Season 4, Release Date

“Endeavour” is a crime drama mystery TV series that premiered on January 2, 2015, on ITV. Set in 1965, the series follows the first steps of the young Endeavour Morse, and depicts such a period, when he […]

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